C256 Foenix Gen X

This is the future of retro computing…

The First CPU Modular Retro System.
Want a 68000?, 68030? or an Intel 486? take your pick!

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C256 Foenix U/U+

The C256 Foenix U/U+ are presently in redesign…
Replacement of the FPGA to have access to better part availability.

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  • An integrated, affordable new retro computer based on the WDC65C816S @ 14Mhz.
  • Can be programmed in BASIC, Assembly Language and C by using the WDC C Compiler suite.
  • Great Graphics
  • Multitude of Sound Chips
  • 2 or 4MBytes of System Ram, 2MBytes of Video Ram
  • Choices of I/Os and Expansion Cards

C256 FMX SNES/NES Adapter Box

This is the new SNES/NES Adapter Box for the C256 Foenix FMX (NOT for the U/U+)
It allows the usage of SNES “OR” NES Joypad with the FMX. They are mutually exclusive.

C256 U/U+ SNES/NES Adapter Box

This is the new SNES/NES Adapter Box for the C256 Foenix U and U+ 

(This is not for the FMX)


Now Available, the perfect replacement for the famous Yamaha’s YM2612 part. The sound is cleaner and can be upgraded with the help of an adapter.

JT2612SA Dev Kit

  • This is a kit for those who want to be the first to play around with the famous YM2612 FPGA core created by Jotego, it comes with:
  • JT2612SA FPGA Module
  • DR10 JTAG Adapter to the Module
  • USB Blaster to reprogram the module
  • A limited number of modules are for sale because the supply of FPGA is very limited right now
  • Be aware that I might cancel the order if I am unable to get reasonable pricing for the FPGA

C256 Foenix U Enclosure

Now on Pre-Sale
Delivery: Summer 2021

Components Shortage

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a shortage in the industry for certain components, one of which I am using in the C256 Foenix U, the Cyclone 10 and the cheapest version (C8G) is now in allocation and won’t be available before 2022 which forces me to use higher-speed grades which are more expensive. So the price of the U/U+ has been increased slightly to compensate for that increase in cost. Please accept my apologies but apparently, the positive aspect of COVID has been to increase the demand for electronic products. In our case, I am not sure I should call that a positive side but who knows…


Thank you for your understanding… Stefany