Introducing the C256 Foenix

The C256 Foenix is a “new” retro computer based on the WDC 65C816 running @ 14Mhz. The idea behind this creation is to come up with a computer that could have possibly followed the Commodore 128 if things would have been different at Commodore at the time.

I set out to create this machine as much as I could with the limitation of the time (circa 1987). I am using 3 small FPGAs that could be considered as new custom chips design by the MOS team. Aside of certain anachronisms, which I could not go without, I have tried relentlessly to keep the feel of the epoch.

When the design will be finished, I would possibly compare it to a more powerful version of the following computers: The Apple IIGS, the SNES (both used the 65C816) and the Amiga despite the fact that we are using a 8/16 processor as opposed to a 32Bits CPU like the MC68000.