General Specifications


Floppy Drive Specs:


DISK Capacity: Support @ release time: 2DD (720Kbytes Disk) *

CPU: Fully integrated T65 @ 2Mhz solution with 8520B and RAM.

Memory: 8KB of RAM/512K of Flash on Board (16 Possible Firmware Core)

COM:  Dual IEC – DIN6, Mini-USB for Flash Upgrade and programming.

MISC: Dip Switch for Firmware Boot-up Choice/Drive Number

J-TAG Port to reprogram FPGA (will not be there for end-product)

Dimensions: 182mm x 122mm x 36mm (7.16” x 4.8” x 1.4”)

Yes, it is compatible with Commodore Computers


*: Possible support of HDD (1.44Mbytes) in the future.


System Datasheet