F256 Jr/K

Here you find all the necessary links towards all the files you will need to update your unit. From the FPGA update file to the SuperBASIC links, etc…

FPGA Upgrade

If you haven’t upgraded FPGAs before this is a great video to start learning about it.


You need to download Quartus Prime Lite 18.1 Edition since you are going to target a EP4CE15 FPGA (Cyclone 4). There is no need to update to the latest version since the software doesn’t support that family of FPGA anymore and the software is very big, so no reasons here to do so.

Intel Quartus Prime Lite Edition 18.1 4 Windooz

Intel Quartus Prime Lite Edition 18.1 4 Linux

Latest Released FPGA Load

F256 Jr. Rev B0x Board – Latest Load (Jan 14th, 2023)

Jan 14th, 2023 Release Notes


Kernel/SuperBASIC  Upgrade

Below, a short video on how to install the software you will need to be able to reflash your Kernel and/or SuperBASIC. 


Here are the GitHub Links where you will find the latest F256Jr Micro-Kernel load and/or SuperBASIC:

F256 Jr. Micro-Kernel Github Link

F256 Jr. SuperBASIC Github Link

Installing a WIFI Module

Below, 2x videos about how to program a WIFI ESP8266 Huzzah board and how to install it in a F256K (the F256 Jr is the same)