C256 Foenix FMX – EX


C256 Foenix FMX – Ex

Major Design Revision of the FMX Board & Enclosure (picture is just for reference)
1x Fully Assembled C256 Foenix FMX-EX PCB with Custom Enclosure

Est. Delivery – TBD


These items are not included anymore:

USBBlaster (to reflash FPGAs) (recommended)
Can be purchased here:

PS2 Keyboard (It is way cheaper and more convenient for you to buy directly @ Amazon) :
(Amazon Canada Links)

PS2 Mouse (It is way cheaper and more convenient for you to buy directly @ Amazon) :
(Amazon Canada Link)

Power Supply:
(Amazon Canada Link) – This is a suggestion (You need 12V @ 5A to cover for HDD and spurious demands of the Floppy Drive)

Shipping Included (Anywhere in North America) – Extra for the rest of the world
Est Delivery Date:  TBD
Duty and Taxes are the customer’s responsibility.

For European Customer, shipping is more. It cost an arm and a leg to ship to Europe with Tracking.
(Calculate Minimum 10/15 Days from Shipping Notice)

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 28.6 × 22.9 × 6.4 cm