C256 Foenix Junior – Dev Board


C256 Foenix Jr.

Development Board (Alpha)

The dev board is the first board to be designed and is used to get the software running and also use to do the FPGA development.
However, in this case, after the minimum work is done on the FPGA the board should already be good enough to run code, so it could already be used as such.
I expect to be able to ship the first boards with an early FPGA before the end of July.
Now, this is a final sale, no return because it is meant possibly as a development platform and it is also possible that it could have bugs. Now, the board however could be easily patched.
So if you feel like tinkering for fun this is a great way to start.
Now, unless I could not get FPGAs at a reasonable price, this is the case I would probably return the money and cancel the order. The FPGA used on the board are FPGA that I already have on hand.
I have about 6 FPGA, then after that I will have to buy more. So order soon to make sure you get one.
PS: The Alpha boards will be more expensive in order to pay for the inherent development cost.

Available for order

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