FNX6809 For F256 Jr. & F256K


FNX6809 For F256 Jr. & F256K

Cycle Accurate MC6809 CPU working @ 3.3V and will run @ 6.29Mhz on the F256 Jr. or the F256K. It has the 65C02 Pin out.

It is not designed (at least for now) to be a direct replacement for an MC6809.

Comes with an adapter to be able to reflash the FPGA if needs be.

Also, No software is written for the unit to support the processor at the time of selling the product. It is meant for them Mavericks that are ready to take it on without any safety nets. There is a version of Calypsi that supports now if anybody wants to use it.

This is a development part and is sold in limited quantities hence the higher cost.
If there is more interest after selling out, I will look into creating a more affordable solution.
Calculate 4 weeks for shipping.
The sales are final.

Keep in mind that you will need to upload a new load for the FPGA on the F256Jr or F256K to support it, so make sure you equip yourself with a USB Blaster.

Available for order

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