SNES/NES Joystick Adapter Box for the C256 Foenix FMX


This is SNES/NES Adapter Box for the C256 Foenix FMX (NOT for the U/U+)
It allows the usage of SNES “OR” NES Joypad with the FMX. They are mutually exclusive.
The product will come with a 3D Printed Enclosure (in black, unless a different color is requested)
Included is:
1x Assembled PCB with 2x SNES and 2x NES Connectors and 2x DR9 Connector
2x DR9 to DB9 Ribbon Cables to attach to Port 0 and Port 1 of the unit
1x 3D Enclosure in Black (If you want a different color, please contact me to see the possible choices)

Estimated time for Shipping: End of May 2021
If it is shipped outside of North America, there is a surcharge for Shipping.
The customer is responsible for Customs/Duty Charges.
Note: on the FMX only Port 0 and Port 1 can be switched into SNES/NES mode, so only 1 box is needed per Unit.

Available for order